Alle våre løsninger kjører som normalt, og vi står klare til å hjelpe kundene våre.
Les mer om hva BIM2Share AS gjør og hvordan vi kan støtte og hjelpe prosjektet ditt.

Information about eSAM / Establish new eSAM project room
  1. Go to Bane NORs intranet page «Banenettet/Arbeidsstøtte/Ekstern Samhandling» and open the order form.
  2. If the project estimates that the number of technical documents is over 100, booking can be made.
  3. If the project is estimated to be less than 100 technical documents, it should be investigated whether an existing project room can be used or if more projects can be merged using the same project space.
End use of eSAM project space
  1. Assess if eSAM Archiving is required (see order form)
  2. Send an e-mail to with a copy to with information on when the project space should be closed.
Trivial problems related to, for example, Windows and Java when using eSAM
  1. Make sure the problem is not caused by user errors or that latest updates from Sopra Steria are not installed.
  2. Restart your PC.
  3. Contact Sopra Steria Support on phone +47 22 57 58 00.
Sopra Steria is responsible for following up the problem until it is resolved; that is, responsible for contacting eSAM Superuser or BIM2Share Support if necessary.
Questions about existing processes and the use of eSAM in relation to Bane NOR's Management Documents.
  1. Go to eSAM Dokumentasjon and see if you can find help there. Check the Tips & Tricks (FAQ)
  2. If you cannot find help there, contact eSAM Superusers
  3. If the super users cannot help you, contact BIM2Share Support: +47 67 81 71 00 or
Superuser Document Management (
  • Heidi Hofstad,
      mob: +47 415 53 812
  • Nina Minatsis,
      mob: +47 470 56 715
  • Muntasiroh Poernomo,
      mob: +47 483 48 461
  • Tove Larsen,
      mob: +47 990 22 593
  • BIM2Share Arbeidsflyt/Workflow: Tom-Erik Rørheim,
      mob: +47412 96 250
Errors that occur and which prevent you from doing your work according to current processes in eSAM; i.e. a technical problem.
  1. Make sure the problem is not caused by user failures.
  2. Document the error. Please take screenshots.
  3. Contact BIM2Share Support: +47 67 81 71 00 or
Remember to check Tips & Tricks (FAQ)
Errors, missing, and need for new functionality that does not prevent you from doing the job, but which can streamline data flow or workflow processes.
  1. Document your need as best as you can.
  2. Send the request to with a copy to
  3. BIM2Share Support submits errors, shortcomings, and needs in their registration system.
  4. These cases are dealt with continuously and especially if User meetings are conducted twice annually.